Therapeutic Flying Online Workshop "Total Surrender"

Therapeutic Flying Online Workshop "Total Surrender"

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Total Surrender.

A Therapeutic Flying Online Workshop for all! 

9th of April 2021

7 - 9pm  

45€ / per couple
More than a year opening and closing the society who considered itself free and independent. The interventions into each of our personal spheres have left deep marks in us as individuals, friendships, relationships. 

This workshop is designed to heal the wound of disconnection. To lean into each others support. To surrender into the loving care of our partner. Through the art of therapeutic flying we'll dive deep into a nurturing field of loving support. A physical, embodied experience of feeling held, accepted and carried. 

By aligning with gravity, the earth and our partner we'll restore a sense of belonging and deeper security. Through smart and well designed preparation you'll be able to experience the art of therapeutic flying together in a safe and fun way. 

This workshop is a valuable experience for beginners as well as intermediate practitioners. Through smart sequencing and layering of variations you're sure to dive deep into the practice and leave fulfilled and nourished. 


What you'll need at home:

* Extra luxury Yoga mat (doubled Yoga mat, plus blanket oder Shiatsu/Bodywork mat)

* blankets and pillows for your comfort

* warm socks

* tea or water to stay hydrated

* a journal for our journaling exercises.


After registering through this page you're signed up. You'll receive the Zoom link in the afternoon at the day of the event. 

We're super excited to fly with you!

Julia & Pascal